OSHA’s Fixed Ladder Standard Uncaged

Look at many commercial and industrial silhouettes and you'll see that distinctive lump on the side of tall, vertical fixed ladders. Ladder cages have been around for a long time,...
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How Leading Edge Standards Affect Your Choice of Fall Protection Equipment

Even though providing fall protection equipment is required by OSHA regulations, as a safety professional, your commitment goes deeper than just compliance. You are safety obsessed.

Seven Ways to Wreck Your Respiratory Protection Program

Implementing and maintaining a sound respiratory protection program isn’t merely about doing the right things. It’s just as important to steer clear of these seven bad practices.

Inspecting Your Safety Harness Part II: How to Read a Harness Label

The whole point of your fall protection harness’s label is to provide you with straightforward data you can access easily, so you don’t have to guess what kind of harness you have or if it conforms to the proper standards.

Inspecting Your Safety Harness Part I: Five Steps to Help Keep You Safe on the Job

Minimize your chance of injury on the job by using these five simple steps as a guide to inspecting your fall protection harness every time you wear it.