Simplify Fall Protection Asset Management and Compliance with the Latest Mobile App Technology

If you’re responsible for overseeing your safety program, you know how challenging it can be to stay on top of everything – especially asset inspection tracking and compliance.

When it comes to fall protection inspection compliance, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Standard 1910.140(c)(18) specifically states: 1

Personal fall protection systems must be inspected before initial use during each workshift for mildew, wear, damage, and other deterioration, and defective components must be removed from service.

In addition, the International Safety Equipment Association’s best-practice recommendations include the following guidelines:2

Regular inspection by a competent person for wear on the equipment should be performed at least every 6 months.

Inspection procedures should be written and each inspection should be documented.

You know that the key to compliance is twofold:

  1. Keeping up with all the things that help your workers stay safe
  2. Adhering to the rigorous and exacting standards about inspections

Now, imagine if you had some type of technology that could help manage your fall protection assets in order to create a safer work environment and simplify inspection compliance. By managing and tracking assets, you could:

  • Ensure you meet critical deadlines
  • Adhere to regulatory requirements like OSHA
  • Maintain consensus standards like ISEA
  • Reflect your organization’s own policies and best practices

Imagine no more.

Introducing the MSA Fall Protection Grid Asset Manager App

The MSA Fall Protection Grid Asset Manager app lets you keep track of everything related to fall protection, helping you can create a 360-degree safety ecosystem that drives compliance and promotes accountability.

With this new app from MSA, you’ll be able to manage fall protection anywhere, anytime, from wherever you are. That means you can take compliance worries out of your head and leave them to the app.

Stay Organized and Efficient

MSA’s Fall Protection Grid Asset Manager app features an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard system specifically developed through the eyes of the safety manager. So, you get access to all your safety data on your phone for simple, all-in-one-place management of your fall protection PPE, inspections, people, and accountability.

The app enables you to manage all types of fall protection PPE from your iPhone – including harnesses, retractable lifelines, lanyards, confined space equipment, anchorages, and more. Simply scanning the RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) chip of each asset with your phone enables instant detection, automatic data collection, and much more.

Key features of the app include:

  • Inspection Tracking: The app automatically populates a date field with the standard inspection date or a custom date of your choosing. It also generates automatic reminders so you never forget when inspections are due. Flexible scheduling and alerts help ensure that critical inspection deadlines are met and compliance standards are maintained.
  • Documentation Capabilities: The MSA mobile app takes and stores product photos, displays pass/fail product inspection status, and includes a note-taking section so you can see your entire system and all the details in one convenient place.
  • Worker & Location Assignment: Once an asset’s RFID chip is scanned, you can assign the asset to a specific worker and add its location details, including location address and contact information. Worker details including name, personnel number, phone number and email, and location assignment can all be saved in the app.
  • History: The MSA Fall Protection Grid Manager mobile app maintains an archive of inspection records that’s easily accessible and searchable for accurate, time-saving recordkeeping.

Plus, all of the mobile app’s data is saved securely to MSA’s cloud platform, making it accessible from anywhere there’s a cellular connection.

Getting Started

Simplifying the complexities around asset management and driving compliance often leads to more questions than answers:

  • Which PPE is assigned and to whom?
  • Where is the location of each assigned PPE?
  • Is the PPE currently in use?
  • When is the PPE due for inspection? Is it overdue?
  • Has the PPE passed or failed inspection?

If you’re looking for clear insight and factual data points to answer those and other questions,  learn more about the all-new MSA Fall Protection Grid Asset Manager.


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