5 Ways Cloud Technology Helps to Strengthen Workplace Safety

Advancements in cloud-based technology and the availability of user-friendly devices are game-changers. Here are 5 ways cloud technology is helping to improve and strengthen workplace safety.

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Fall Protection Basics – Watch the Video!

According to OSHA,  fatalities caused by falls from elevation continue to be a leading cause of death for construction employees. Watch our “ABCs of Fall Protection” video to learn more about fall protection basics to help keep you and your team safe.

7 Tips for Where, When, and How to Choose and Use Self-Retracting Lifelines (SRLs)

For many workers, working on top of an elevated surface or structure is a daily actuality or eventuality. Here are 7 tips for where, when, and how self-retracting lifelines (SRLs) should be deployed for vertical fall arrest protection.

Maximize Gas Detector Up-Time With Cloud-Based Services

With the right cloud-based service that offers simple features and an easy-to-understand interface, taking your data to the next level can be much more manageable. Safety io™ Grid services can help to seamlessly turn your gas detection program into a comprehensive safety solution.

American Rescue Plan Act of 2021: What To Know About the More Than $350 Billion in Funding for State and Local Governments

As part of the ongoing health and economic recovery effort from the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States Congress has passed the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. Included in the stimulus package are allocations of funds for state and local governments to support these recovery efforts. Read the full blog for more information.

Respiratory Protection for Today’s Needs – EHS Today eBook

Staying informed on facial coverings and breathing apparatus is more important than ever. Download the MSA-sponsored Respiratory Protection eBook from EHS Today to learn more.

5 Ways Cloud-Based Solutions Can Benefit Your Gas Detection Program

Read this blog article to learn more about 5 actionable ways cloud-based safety monitoring systems can help you improve your gas detection program.

Executive Order Provides State and Local Governments with 100% Reimbursement for COVID-19 Related Costs, Including PPE

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the presidential administration has issued an executive order, “Memorandum to Extend Federal Support to Governors’ Use of the National Guard to Respond to COVID-19 and to Increase Reimbursement and Other Assistance Provided to States,” effective January 21, 2021. Read the full article for more details.

How Safety Solutions Can Help Improve Safety Outcomes

Overlooking a situation and rushing into a solution not only brings the risk of making wrong decisions but also prevents organizations from attaining sustainable results and from improving their safety programs. Read the full blog post to learn more about safety solutions.

Employees at Risk of Hearing Loss: What Employers Can Do to Help

According to every major regulatory and protection agency, including OSHA and WHO, workplace hearing loss is 100 percent preventable. Read the full article to learn more about hearing loss in the workplace, how you can help prevent it, and how to help keep your employees safe.