What is Virtual Safety Training? Understanding the Options and Benefits

With the increase in work from home or remote work situations, the need for virtual options when it comes to safety training is more important than ever. To help make it more convenient for teams to get the training they need from home or other remote locations, MSA offers Virtual Led Training (VLT) courses. VLT means courses are conducted via the WebEx video conferencing platform with an MSA Training Instructor in the same manner as the current in-person training, and follow the same class format and content that would happen on-site. So they’re virtual, but personal.

Courses can be:

  • Customized to the certifications needed
  • Completed via WebEx from any location
  • Scheduled for the most convenient date and time

VLT courses available include:

Competent User Level

  • Portable Instruments
  • Permanent Instruments
  • SCBA

Certification and Recertification

  • RITE (Repair Instrument Training Education)
  • FIRST (Fixed Instrument Repair and Service Training)
  • RITE
  • CARE

Confined Space

  • Confined Space Awareness

Fall Protection

  • Awareness
  • Competent Person for Equipment Inspection
  • Authorized Person

Learn more about VLT on our website here.


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