Gas Detection for Refrigerants in a Changing Landscape

The global refrigerant market is evolving to incorporate a wider mix of refrigerant types, driven by the HFC phase-down outlined in F-Gas Regulations. As HVAC-R equipment design is modified for compatibility with mildly flammable refrigerants, gas detection may be required in multiple locations for different purposes.

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Two MSA Safety Products Named Finalists for Prestigious RAC Cooling Industry Awards

MSA Safety, Inc. announced that two of its products, the MGS-401 Entrance Monitor and the Legend Series HFC Refrigerant Analyzer, are finalists for the highly esteemed RAC Cooling Industry Awards.

MSA Safety Celebrates the Second Anniversary of Bacharach Acquisition

Customers are welcoming the increased benefits they’re experiencing as MSA Safety and MSA Bacharach mark the second anniversary of the Bacharach acquisition. From enhanced customer service integration, insourced production, reduction in lead times, and engaged MSA Sales Channels to provide better customer support on a global scale, customers are seeing the value with these two gas detection leaders together as one.

World Refrigeration Day – Next Generation Cooling: The Future is in Our Hands

MSA Safety is celebrating World Refrigeration Day 2023 by providing next-generation cooling solutions that help safeguard people, places, and the planet. Industry-leading, low-level refrigerant leak detection combined with innovative cloud-based early notification and tracking systems provides an effective connected solution, bringing the future into your hands.

Process Safety and Combustible Dust

Anybody who has created a small fire burst using non-dairy creamer and a lighter can relate to the potential for a fire in a larger scale. Other examples of the potential devastating effect of dust in fires of explosions are grain storage silos which on occasion will be shown on the nightly news. In this article we will explore how inserting can work to help preventing fires in vessels containing combustible dusts.

Pumped Up: Mini IDs Get an Enhancement

The innovative MSA Mini ID Refrigerant Identifiers, powered by Neutronics technology, have been enhanced. The cost effective Mini ID helps automotive mechanics quickly and accurately confirm R-1234yf or R-134a purity in vehicles to safeguard the mechanic, help avoid potential damage to expensive air conditioning service equipment and protect your shop from refrigerant contamination.

Aiming to Further Reduce HFC Refrigerant Use

As we ring in the new year, the phase down and production of high Global Warming Potential (GWP) HFC refrigerants continues to accelerate for 2023. By the end of September 2023, the consumption of HFCs will decrease by 10% of the baseline 303.9 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent to 273.5 MMTCO2e. This means less R-134a, R-410A, R-404A, R-407C, and many other common gases used today. This phase down will bring along a transition to new solutions but will ultimately drive-up price in the short term as the supply of HFCs decrease and demand continues.

Industrial Process Analysis and Remote Final Acceptance Testing

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic brought about unprecedented challenges for businesses worldwide, disrupting operations and limiting face-to-face interactions. As MSA Safety’s process analysis experts, we responded to these challenges with innovation and flexibility, demonstrating our ability to adapt and evolve in the face of adversity. For this success story, MSA Safety was able to leverage remote video conferencing tools to facilitate live, real-time interaction for a prescription medical equipment manufacturer. We’re proud to have implemented solutions that have enabled us to continue serving our customers and maintaining high standards of quality and safety.

Refrigerant Tracking and Compliance Software: An Overview

Refrigerant management is the efficient, safe and cost-effective operation of your refrigeration equipment. Complying with evolving legislation, ensuring product quality and the safety of colleagues and customers, reducing operating expense and improving margins, while striving for 24/7/365 equipment uptime are all essential divisions in refrigerant management. Whether you’re an equipment owner or refrigeration contractor, responsible for single-site analysis or full enterprise deployment and reporting, you know the importance of refrigerant tracking and compliance.

7 Ways to Winterize Your Home

Preparing your household for winter can help reduce utility bills, keep you safe, and protect your house from low temperatures. What can you do to protect your home as temperatures drop?