The Industrial Revolution – How to Start Your Worker Safety Journey

Health and safety is a top priority in the oil and gas industry. Great results have been achieved safeguarding workers and worker sites in the past years; however, some shortcomings still exist. According to the International Labour Organization, “Every year 2.78 million workers die from occupational accidents and work-related diseases (of which 2.4 million are disease-related) and an additional 374 million workers suffer from non-fatal occupational accidents. Aside from the economic cost, there are other intangible costs not fully recognized in these figures. Besides the immeasurable human suffering caused by poor occupational safety and health (OSH) conditions”,¹ poor community relations and a hit on stock prices are other important side effects.

Thankfully, technology is helping to create more effective safety solutions and bringing relevant opportunities to significantly improve safety outcomes. In partnership with BIC Magazine, MSA connected solutions experts hosted a webinar—How to Start Your Worker Safety Journey in the Industry 4.0—that focuses on technological advances in the “Industry 4.0,” and how those advances can improve worker safety in your facility.

What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 refers to the fourth (and most recent) industrial revolution, characterized by automation and data processing. It stems from the availability of a huge number of data points collected via sensors and devices and the connectivity of those devices with the cloud, where all the information is centralized. However, effectively analyzing the collected big data and turning it into invaluable insights and an actionable plan that brings results is challenging.

So why learn about the Industry 4.0? Part of the answer is Industry 4.0’s potential to improve safety outcomes. Industry 4.0 will optimize processes, and the inclusion of big data analytics will provide important insights to companies. Those insights could well lead to safety improvements across the board. MSA’s webinar will spotlight how Industry 4.0 affects worker safety and will provide guidance to help you take the first steps toward transforming your company’s safety program.

“A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step”²

Industry 4.0, with its digitalization and technology, is a journey, and navigating it effectively can give you an edge on the future of safety. While the journey might seem overwhelming, MSA and Safety io are here to guide you in this process.

MSA, throughout its more than 100-year market presence, has always been committed to finding the best safety solutions. With the Connected Work Platform, MSA now provides not only world-class hardware, but also connectivity and software as a service that together are a complete safety solution for the Industry 4.0.

Be a revolutionary: take the first steps into the industry 4.0 and improve your safety outcomes.

Watch the webinar on demand here!


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