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Fall Protection Safety for Warehouse Workers: How the V-TEC® io1 “Smart” SRL Provides a Solution

With the new V-TEC® io1 – a first-of-its-kind “smart” SRL – workers are immediately alerted with an audible alarm and flashing light if they are not attached properly in the lift. Read the full blog post to learn more about the V-TEC io1 and how it can help keep warehouse workers safe.

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How Leveraging Your Gas Detectors Data Can Lead To “Intelligent” Safety Management

Advancements in portable gas detectors and cloud-based software provides access to more data than ever before. With connectivity, leaders can better manage each variable of their gas safety program. Read the full blog article to learn more.

Confined Space 101: What You Need to Know About Fall Protection PPE

Confined space work can be dangerous. This article is intended to help employers like you who want to effectively protect confined space workers from falls by helping you understand more about confined spaces, including what they are, why they’re a fall hazard, and what essential PPE is needed.

Why Your Safety Program Should Be Based Around Data

Access to data is essential for maintaining gas detection safety programs. And there’s a good chance that you already have plenty of details about incidents in your workplace. But are you using this information to your advantage? Read the full blog article to learn more.

Can a Fire and Gas System be Considered a Safety Instrumented System?

There has been much industry debate over the categorization of Fire and Gas Systems (FGS) as Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS), especially as the concept of functional safety matures in the marketplace and compliance to IEC 61508 / 61511 standards is more prevalent. Read our blog to learn more.

5 Ways Cloud Technology Helps to Strengthen Workplace Safety

Advancements in cloud-based technology and the availability of user-friendly devices are game-changers. Here are 5 ways cloud technology is helping to improve and strengthen workplace safety.