Refrigerant Analysis

MSA Safety Product Named Finalist for AHR Innovation Award

MSA Safety, Inc. announced that the Legend Series HFC Refrigerant Analyzer, is a finalist in the Tools & Instruments Category of the 2024 AHR Innovation Awards.

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MSA Chillgard 5000 and Bacharach Halogen Multi-Zone: Targeted Excellence in the HVAC-R Industry

In the ever-evolving landscape of the HVAC-R industry, safety and efficiency are paramount concerns. As MSA successfully integrates Bacharach into its family, the synergy of these two industry leaders is poised to maximize their reach and effectiveness within HVAC-R.

The Crucial Role of Refrigerant Identifiers in Combatting Illegal Refrigerant Trade

Refrigerant identifiers have emerged as essential tools for customs officials in the battle against illegal refrigerant trading, helping them uphold these regulations and protect the environment.

Gas Detection for Refrigerants in a Changing Landscape

The global refrigerant market is evolving to incorporate a wider mix of refrigerant types, driven by the HFC phase-down outlined in F-Gas Regulations. As HVAC-R equipment design is modified for compatibility with mildly flammable refrigerants, gas detection may be required in multiple locations for different purposes.

Two MSA Safety Products Named Finalists for Prestigious RAC Cooling Industry Awards

MSA Safety, Inc. announced that two of its products, the MGS-401 Entrance Monitor and the Legend Series HFC Refrigerant Analyzer, are finalists for the highly esteemed RAC Cooling Industry Awards.

EPA Signs New Rule Requiring SAE Certified R-1234yf RRR Service Carts

With the start of a new year comes expected change. 2021 is no different for the Automotive Service Technician with some finalized rules behind Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning (MVAC) service.

Changes to Refrigerant Cylinder Color Code

Are you aware of the changes to the refrigerant cylinder color code? Learn the background on the change; what the revision entails; and the importance of refrigerant safe-handling now.

What You Need to Know About Servicing R-1234yf MACs

There are more than 40M vehicles in the U.S. today using R-1234yf, and this number is expected to increase, as R-1234yf is the preferred, low-GWP alternative refrigerant for MACs… Read More

Analyze This: Detecting Counterfeit Refrigerant

Counterfeit refrigerants have been in the news a lot lately. While some of these imported HFC refrigerants may be of the correct composition, there is evidence that others may be counterfeit or of low quality. Mixed refrigerants are another problem… Read More

Front-line: Stopping the Illegal Refrigerant Trade

As enforcement of F-Gas service ban increases, customs agents are finding themselves on the front-lines of identifying / stopping the trade of illegal refrigerants. Neutronics is assisting international customs and border agencies who are playing a pivotal role… Read More