Video: How to Install MSA’s Cable Temporary Horizontal Lifeline

Setting up cable temporary horizontal lifelines can be time-consuming and often require specific tools.

MSA’s new Cable Temporary Horizontal Lifeline (THLL) helps make installation up to 75% faster than traditional cable systems with its completely toolless design.

The THLL’s intuitive features not only help to save time setting up lifelines on the jobsite, but also help to:

  • Improve Efficiency
    • Integrated locking and tensioning mechanisms on the handle eliminate the need for nuts, bolts and wrenches.
  • Enable Easy Install
    • Galvanized cable is lightweight and flexible, and locking and tensioning mechanisms are on the same side, eliminating the need to travel back and forth during set up.
  • Simplify Compliance
    • Multiple, easy-to-read red and green visual indicators show when the system is properly tensioned, helping to provide an added level of confidence in installation.
  • Increase Mobility
    • Exclusive bypass shuttles allow workers to maintain 100% tie-off while passing on the same line, without compromising safety.

Watch this brief installation video to see the new Cable THLL installation in action:


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