Pumped Up: Mini IDs Get an Enhancement

The innovative MSA Mini ID Refrigerant Identifiers, powered by Neutronics technology, have been enhanced. The cost effective Mini ID helps automotive mechanics quickly and accurately confirm R-1234yf or R-134a purity in vehicles to safeguard the mechanic, help avoid potential damage to expensive air conditioning service equipment and protect your shop from refrigerant contamination.

To further improve the product’s portability, automation, and performance, MSA is pleased to announce that the new version of the Mini ID refrigerant identifiers replace the external hand pump with an internal mechanical pump. This enhancement enables mechanics to carry and use the device with greater ease and convenience, making it an ideal solution for vehicle service centers.

Furthermore, the new version of the Mini ID refrigerant identifiers feature improved accuracy. MSA’s engineers have fine-tuned the device to ensure it delivers even more reliable and precise results in the most challenging environments.

“We are excited to introduce the new MSA Mini ID refrigerant identifiers to our customers,” said Zachary Ziegler, Product Line Manager at MSA. “This product has been highly rated by automotive mechanics, who need a fast, reliable, and portable device to identify refrigerant. With these improvements, we’re confident mechanics will find even greater value in the Mini ID to precheck vehicle refrigerant before servicing.”


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