How To Future-Proof Your Gas Safety Program with Connectivity

Taking your safety monitoring program to the cloud is key to future-proofing your gas safety program. Until recently, shifting to cloud software for safety monitoring wasn’t first on the list of must-haves.

Yet, many workplaces face issues stemming from a need to keep non-essential workers at home. Without cloud-enabled solutions, your teams can’t access time-critical data remotely. Once your data is in the cloud, safety managers have key data points at their fingertips, helping them make accurate decisions.

Along with data access, you can use intelligent insights to create better training programs while ensuring compliance. Learn how to develop a world-class monitoring system by connecting your portable gas detector devices to the cloud.

Why Choose Cloud Connected Gas Detection Solutions

Today’s workplaces are almost fully connected via various wireless devices, cloud networks and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. As remote work increases, leaders want employees to access critical data from any location with an internet connection. According to Flexera 2020 State of the Cloud Report, 61% of respondents list migrating more workloads to the cloud as a top priority.

Yet, many industries have been slower to adopt cloud-enabled solutions for their gas detection programs – though many realize the importance of business continuity and believe that cloud technologies support remote teams and on-site safety. Key benefits of web-based software for gas detection include:

  • Access to equipment records and the ability to generate reports, gather information about alarms, test results or device status becomes easier and enables safety program improvements.
  • Centralized data logs from a fleet of portable gas detectors results in automated compliance and being prepared for audits.
  • Access to user-friendly dashboards 24/7 from any device with an internet connection, makes action points clear and empowers safety managers with valuable insights.
  • Reduction in worksite interruptions allows teams and leaders to focus on high-level safety decisions and actions.

Manage Your Portable Gas Detection Fleet

Safety managers spend hours overseeing programs at different plants, including developing reports for incidents or maintenance and manual recordkeeping. Cloud solutions streamline operations and put all information in one place.

Using a central web-based location gives users a single truth source while supporting proactive oversight and increasing worker productivity. Furthermore, an updated gas detector safety program ensures continued compliance with safety policies and government regulations.

Safety managers connect their MSA portable gas detection devices to a cloud software service to:

  • Access data from anywhere. As long as you have an internet connection, you can locate, share or download reports about your fleet using any device.
  • Oversee fleet compliance. Search up-to-date records to discover which gas detectors are experiencing sensor issues or aren’t getting regularly bump tested.
  • Assess risks. Review safety incidents and determine root causes while delivering real-time feedback and updating safety programs.
  • Drive worker accountability. Look at device usage and make recommendations to improve response times.

Monitor Your Worksites Remotely

Every second counts when it comes to worksite safety. Yet the rise of remote workforces leaves safety managers disconnected from on-site activities. Without eyes on your portable gas detection fleet, it’s tough to make fast decisions or get the employee contact information needed for immediate responses.

Remote safety managers use cloud solutions for real-time monitoring of a portable gas detection fleet to:

  • Leverage real-time awareness. Use the Grid Live Monitor to get real-time alerts of man-down alarms, panic button presses or device concerns. Doing so helps safety managers to assess movement and response from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Rely on a field device manager. You have crucial information about sensor life, compliance status and current detector readings with a device manager. This data helps crews stay aware while responding quickly.

Start Future-Proofing Your Gas Safety Program

With more and more activities moving to the cloud, isn’t it time your portable gas detection safety program does the same? You can take advantage of big data and sensors by connecting your safety managers to real-time device data. Learn more about how the MSA Connected Work Platform can help you improve your gas detection program.


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