Leak Detection for London Landmark

The Bacharach Multi-Zone provides refrigerant leak detection for 110 Bishopsgate, one of London’s leading contemporary landmarks.

110 Bishopsgate, also known as Salesforce Tower is one of London’s leading contemporary landmarks that provides over 440,000 square foot of Grade A office space over 36 floors with restaurants and bars on the ground, first floor and external terraces. Completed in 2011, the 755 foot tall tower is one of the tallest in Greater London, United Kingdom.

The demand for fresh, clean, cooled water is high, considering the size of the building which is why six water chiller refrigeration units are used on-site, each using an R-134a charge. Although R-134a has zero ozone depletion potential (ODP), the HFC has a global warming potential (GWP) of 1430 CO2e. It’s therefore essential to ensure leaks are found as soon as possible, for both environmental reasons and for the safety of the building occupants. What’s more, with the building recently enhanced to achieve net zero carbon, it’s even more important that refrigerant leaks such as R-134a are found and repaired as soon as possible, to ensure the carbon footprint remains low.

Greg Gorla, Service and Repairs Manager for Bacharach Europe explains, “The facility management company approached us, looking for an effective solution for monitoring their chiller refrigeration units. The Bacharach Multi-Zone really stood out with the ability to find refrigerant leaks down to 1 ppm and the fact the unit itself could monitor multiple sample points across the entire area.”

The Bacharach Multi-Zone provides industry leading low level leak detection down to one part per million, minimum detection level (MDL). The Multi-Zone is also capable of monitoring up to 16 zones which is also expandable up to 48 sample points if required, making the system highly cost effective especially for large scale refrigerant leak coverage. What’s more, with two optional analog outputs 4-20mA and Modbus communications, integration with third party BMS / BAS control systems can be easily carried out.

In summary, the Multi-Zone offers:

  • Proprietary infrared (NDIR) sensor accurately detects the presence of a target gas down to an industry-leading 1 ppm Minimum Detection Level (MDL)
  • Sensor is not prone to false alarms caused by cross-interference from other gases or sudden changes in temperature or humidity
  • Gas library contains 60+ refrigerants, including CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs, HFOs and natural refrigerants (R-744, R-717)
  • Backlit display shows real-time concentration readings and makes configuration and self-diagnostics intuitive
  • Capable of monitoring up-to 16 zones (expandable up to 48 sample points) and detecting multiple gases with a single monitor
  • Two optional analog outputs (4-20mA) and Modbus communications (slave) for integration with third-party BMS / BAS control systems
  • Three user-configurable relays (leak, spill and evacuate) may be used to activate external beacons / sounders, ventilation or other countermeasures



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