Refrigerant Tracking and Compliance Software: An Overview

Refrigerant management is the efficient, safe and cost-effective operation of your refrigeration equipment. Complying with evolving legislation, ensuring product quality and the safety of colleagues and customers, reducing operating expense and improving margins, while striving for 24/7/365 equipment uptime are all essential divisions in refrigerant management. Whether you’re an equipment owner or refrigeration contractor, responsible for single-site analysis or full enterprise deployment and reporting, you know the importance of refrigerant tracking and compliance.

But how do you track your facility’s refrigerant while maintaining upkeep and compliance?

Spreadsheets are cumbersome and often lack regulation compliance, creating unnecessary work and stress. When on the job focus should be on your system’s refrigerant – not interpreting an outdated system. Tracking and navigating your facility’s refrigerant shouldn’t come with additional headaches.

The MSA Parasense Refrigerant Tracking & Compliance Platform can help streamline processes and keep industry professionals organized and compliant. Tracking refrigerant, however, is just the beginning of what this platform has to offer.

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6 Key Features of the MSA Parasense Refrigerant Tracking & Compliance Platform

Inventory Management for HVACR Equipment

Having central, accurate and real time inventory of your complete HVACR assemblage is paramount. The MSA Parasense Refrigerant Tracking & Compliance Platform asset database tracks your HVACR equipment by make, model, refrigerant type, and more – including fixed gas leak detection equipment.

Cylinder and Bank Management

Use the Refrigerant Bank and Bottles feature to track stored refrigerant across your company. The platform allows users to allocate, assign, and record usage events against your stored refrigerant recoveries and gas usage.

Regulation Workflow and Compliance Calendar

Keep on track with EPA, CARB, SCAQMD and F-Gas requirements with the regulation workflow and compliance calendar. This feature automatically schedules upcoming actions, and distills regulations into clear processes, procedures and tasks that are easy to understand and follow. Users are also able to reference a full history of activities making it simple to retrieve and cross-reference updates and events.

Refrigerant Review

The platform’s dashboards empower users to track refrigerant across all equipment over their complete enterprise. Industry professionals can review the cause of refrigerant emissions, identify opportunities for improvement, track repairs and ultimately minimize the consumption of refrigerant.

Capturing Events

The platform provides an intuitive solution for recording activity on HVACR equipment for leak inspections, leak repairs, refrigerant top offs and other procedures pertaining to the life of the equipment, all of which is required to be captured with compliance and regulatory bodies. Tiered user capabilities allow management for equipment owners, administrators, and technicians through a secure centralized cloud-hosted solution.

Report Engine for Compliance

Users can prepare usage reports for all systems at a single site and obtain additional reports (EPA Compliance Report, CARB XML, etc.) with one-click – making this process as simple as possible and keeping industry professionals ready for planned and unannounced inspections.

The MSA Parasense Refrigerant Tracking & Compliance Platform is robust, effective, and easy to use.

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