Why Facepiece and Cylinder Compatibility Matters for SCBA

For industrial facilities to meet the needs of a challenging environment and maintain a sound respiratory protection program, it’s critical that the SCBA used deliver performance – whether needed for standby emergencies or everyday work. One of the most important considerations for respiratory protection is compatibility. SCBA that allow for the use of the same cylinder across multiple platforms throughout your fleet, that can be integrated with other NFPA products you might have, and a facepiece that allows for APR use with a variety of cartridge options is key to ensuring your respiratory protection program is comprehensive.

Facepiece Compatibility

Key factors to consider for SCBA facepieces include:

  • Is it lightweight and compact?
  • Does it provide low breathing resistance on air and off?
  • Is there an adapter available that can convert the facepiece for use in air purifying applications?
  • Can your fit test costs be reduced by putting multiple respiratory platforms on a single facepiece?

With APR adapter compatibility, the SCBA supports diverse respiratory needs within a facility.

Cylinder Compatibility

Key factors to consider for SCBA cylinder compatibility include:

  • Does the SCBA offer compatibility for use of the same cylinder across multiple SCBA platforms within an existing fleet?
  • Can you easily integrate it with other NFPA or Industrial SCBA products you might have?

With remote connect compatibility – known as G1 iRC (Industrial Remote Cylinder Connection) on the MSA G1 Industrial SCBA – the same cylinder can be used across multiple platforms of MSA SCBA, including G1 NFPA SCBA and AirHawk® II SCBA.

Download the infographic below to learn more about facepiece and cylinder compatibility in the new G1 Industrial SCBA.


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