World Refrigeration Day – Next Generation Cooling: The Future is in Our Hands

MSA Safety is celebrating World Refrigeration Day 2023 by providing next-generation cooling solutions that help safeguard people, places, and the planet. Industry-leading, low-level refrigerant leak detection combined with innovative cloud-based early notification and tracking systems provides an effective connected solution, bringing the future into your hands.

World Refrigeration Day is held every year on June 26th. The day was created to raise awareness of the importance of refrigeration technologies, raise the air conditioning and refrigeration sector profile, and show how significant the industry and technology are for modern life. The day itself was chosen to celebrate the birthday of Lord Kelvin on June 26th 1824.

The World Refrigeration Day 2023 theme, “Next Generation Cooling: The Future is in Our Hands”, provides a focus on the future of cooling technology, the industry, the people working within it, and those that benefit from cooling. More importantly, for a sustainable future, it’s essential also to consider the impact refrigeration has on the environment- or rather, the impact of refrigeration equipment leaking. That’s because the most common refrigerants in use—CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs—have environmentally harmful properties, such as ozone-depleting potential (ODP) and/or global warming potential (GWP). In essence, if these refrigerants leak, it harms the atmosphere. Interestingly, Project Drawdown, which lists refrigerant management as the #1 solution to global warming, states, “90 percent of refrigerant emissions happen at end of life.”

The MSA Safety solution to reducing refrigerant emissions combines industry-leading low-level leak detection equipment with innovative cloud-based software. This combination provides the MSA Connected Solution. The MSA Connected Solution provides live refrigerant leak alerts and notifications across your whole organization: all your refrigeration equipment across all your sites. This level of visibility and sophistication can help you drive down refrigerant emissions for assets and sites across your whole organization.

How Do I Reduce Refrigerant Emissions?

Learn how MSA helped a food retail chain achieve an incredible 7% refrigerant emissions rate with connected solutions and how this can help you reduce your refrigerant emissions.

Reduce Refrigerant Emissions


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