Aaron Tufts Named Chief Operating Officer of MSA Bacharach

Aaron Tufts

In July 2021, MSA Safety Inc. completed its acquisition of Bacharach, Inc. to bring two leaders in gas detection together, all headquartered in western Pennsylvania.  This acquisition enables our newly combined organization to serve a wider range of markets with industry-leading gas detection measurement and monitoring tools while advancing a common mission focused on workplace safety.

Since July, a diligent cross-functional integration team, made up of both MSA and Bacharach functional leaders, has been working to maintain day-to-day business processes while also working to integrate our two company cultures.  This team has been led by Aaron Tufts, a long-tenured MSA leader in gas detection technology, who joined the company in 2010 following MSA’s acquisition of General Monitors.

Looking forward, and as MSA and Bacharach continue to function more as a combined organization, Aaron has assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer of Bacharach, Inc.  He will continue to oversee the integration efforts and will take on responsibility for leading the development and execution of the MSA Bacharach business strategy.


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